About Us

About Us

Kupes Young Women’s Network was birthed from the Community Library Development Network in Kabanana Township in Lusaka. The Library catered for both girls and boys but there was a need for girls to have a space or grouping where they could feel safe to share, interact, be guided and mentored. Hence the network.

It’s an initiative that is looking to grow in the many communities in Lusaka and move to other parts of the country.


The aim of the network is to empower, inspire and motivate young women from all walks of life.


We envision a society where young women have a clear understanding of their self-worth and capabilities.


To bring this vision into reality, we have to provide the practical tools by engaging, convening, mobilizing various resources including human and financial to ensure that the young women are confident, empowered, self-driven and will add value not only to themselves but their communities as well.


The objectives of the Network are to :

  • 1. Encourage positive behavioral change
  • 2. Provide an environment where the young women feel safe enough to share their challenges and difficulties.
  • 3. Provide positive female role models (Coaches).
  • 4. Build confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and Spiritual growth.
  • 5. Create awareness of educational, employment and business opportunities. And if possible create those opportunities where lacking. (Skills training)
  • 6. Reinforce the importance of education and hard work.
  • 7. Create opportunities for networking and social interaction.
  • 8. Provide practical guidance on achieving excellence in all aspects of life.
  • 9. Encourage upward social and economic mobility.
  • 10. Enhance cultural understanding.